Entangled Orbits I

Entangled Orbits I


                        Unlike that pair of spiral galaxies

                        spinning off in opposite directions,

                        we have aligned to common gravities

                        by making our love the predilection,

                        and steering away from misconceptions.

                        Let’s acknowledge that dear, and let’s express

                        good will, fond feelings, tenderness, affection,

                        for you can’t elude me; we are enmeshed,

                        our inner pull will not be extinguished.

                        Just bend your orbit, adjust your wobble,

                        aim at a centred “me,” and replenish.

                        Then, roses will unbud in the bobbles

                                    of your eyes. If only you’d look at me

                                    in just that same way again. So we’d be.