Celestial Dreaming

Celestial Dreaming


                        Bodies vibrate at a slow frequency

                        letting a network of energy flow.

                        Each pathway is levelled from high to low

                        giving the life-spirit a tendency

                        to ripple down from the ascendancy.

                        Along special nodal points — head to toe —

                        a circle of rainbow light will halo

                        our beings in celestial valency.

                                    In a world connected through vibrations

                                    our physical shells are not what they seem.

                                    The soul’s wave-like particles’ gyrations

                                    drift upwards to join with etheric streams.

                                    As I roam around the cosmic nation,

                                    I can jack into the life of our dreams.










                        The earth is not flat, it is spherical;

                        we are always great distances apart.

                        Our borders are drawn, I’m hysterical

                        that we are constantly guarding your heart.

                        In spacetime, my body veers toward yours

                        twisting the paths of others in the way.

                        I do my best to move fast, in straight curves,

                        but try as I might, things block the foray.

                        Because the cosmos isn’t full of ether

                        but of matter, and matter warps and bends,

                        our bodies can fall into line together

                        and bring this disparate quest to an end.

                                    What measure of brute force is required

                                    to pull you from yourself, into desire?