Dreaming Lucid Space

Dreaming Lucid Space


                        Of two minds, not quite certain where to go,

                        trying to intuit you, like a dream,

                        I let the world go blank — became a screen —

                        and ended up just going with the flow.

                        Then you appeared, shattered reality:

                        no imaginary scenario!

                        Still, you managed to throw into limbo

                        the symbolic co-ordinates of me.

                                    The very fact of you disturbs all space;

                                    I will not roll straight across to your side.

                                    So, without shifting too far out of place,

                                    I find ways to foresee, but not collide.

                                    By predicting your spin, your speed, your pace,

                                    I can drift with your flow, orbit your tide.