Entangled Orbits II

Entangled Orbits II


                        Our physical selves contain particles

                        of matter which are points of frozen light;

                        our bodies have an energy, a might,

                        by all accounts we are electrical.

                        Every particle’s a free radical

                        meaning, it remains unaltered despite

                        the frequent resonations that excite

                        its electrons into being fickle.

                                    My love for you will influence your state,

                                    (for it put me in a spin, made me sway).

                                    Although we may not move at the same rate,

                                    or seem visibly connected — at play —

                                    even at great distances we’ll vibrate

                                    passionately, and heat the Milky Way.




Dreaming Lucid Space

Dreaming Lucid Space


                        Of two minds, not quite certain where to go,

                        trying to intuit you, like a dream,

                        I let the world go blank — became a screen —

                        and ended up just going with the flow.

                        Then you appeared, shattered reality:

                        no imaginary scenario!

                        Still, you managed to throw into limbo

                        the symbolic co-ordinates of me.

                                    The very fact of you disturbs all space;

                                    I will not roll straight across to your side.

                                    So, without shifting too far out of place,

                                    I find ways to foresee, but not collide.

                                    By predicting your spin, your speed, your pace,

                                    I can drift with your flow, orbit your tide.





Celestial Dreaming

Celestial Dreaming


                        Bodies vibrate at a slow frequency

                        letting a network of energy flow.

                        Each pathway is levelled from high to low

                        giving the life-spirit a tendency

                        to ripple down from the ascendancy.

                        Along special nodal points — head to toe —

                        a circle of rainbow light will halo

                        our beings in celestial valency.

                                    In a world connected through vibrations

                                    our physical shells are not what they seem.

                                    The soul’s wave-like particles’ gyrations

                                    drift upwards to join with etheric streams.

                                    As I roam around the cosmic nation,

                                    I can jack into the life of our dreams.







The Big ‘She-bang’

The Big ‘She-bang’


                        First, we dreamt each other into seeing

                        you, with cupped hands, brimming o’er with insight.

                        A star, a sun! — shiny, luminous, bright:

                        a celestial birth; a new being.

                        You pushed the galactic darkness brewing

                        far beyond the realm of deep stellar night

                        where it neither omits nor absorbs light.

                        This perfect love, you are my undoing.

                                    Did you really seed clouds phosphorescent?

                                    Did you nurture me into scraps of space?

                                    Yes, the cosmos fused us incandescent,

                                    and the universe willed our long embrace.

                                    Not so we would collapse, iridescent,

                                    in a big crunch. Where’s the glory, the grace?