Solar Bliss

Solar Bliss


                        Long ago the moon was unreachable

                        and made of green cheese, and the Milky Way

                        that band of countless stars — unbreachable —

                        stretched across the sky from midnight ’til day.

                        An old hymn also said time’s an ever-

                        rolling stream that took all our dreams away.

                        Or was time a looping track that never

                        ended, so you pressed forward and replay?

                        Before they dethroned Earth from the centre,

                        made the Big Bang theory the mystery,

                        I held love in esteem, on an altar,

                        my sought after, compelling, real story.

                                    Like the sun you came to brighten my life

                                    with lovelight, sweet’ning bitterness and strife.








                        The earth is not flat, it is spherical;

                        we are always great distances apart.

                        Our borders are drawn, I’m hysterical

                        that we are constantly guarding your heart.

                        In spacetime, my body veers toward yours

                        twisting the paths of others in the way.

                        I do my best to move fast, in straight curves,

                        but try as I might, things block the foray.

                        Because the cosmos isn’t full of ether

                        but of matter, and matter warps and bends,

                        our bodies can fall into line together

                        and bring this disparate quest to an end.

                                    What measure of brute force is required

                                    to pull you from yourself, into desire?