I can provide the following services for you.



Primarily, I will fix any spelling*, punctuation, capitalization and grammar mistakes in your writing.


On top of basic proofreading, I can help with logic, word choice, sense, flow, redundancies and inconsistencies in your writing.


I can transcribe oral interviews or format your diaries, memoirs, histories and stories via CreateSpace into bound books or Kindle e-books. Additionally, I can help format scholarly material such as endnotes/footnotes/in-text citations AND References/Works Cited/Bibliography (according to APA, CM or MLA style guidelines). Further, I can help you format PowerPoint slides, resumes, C.V.s and screenplays.


And finally, do you need help indexing a Table of Contents OR setting up your website or blog? I can also help you organize material for submission to an Archive.

*Please specify whether you require Canadian, British or American spelling.